Okay, the title sounds vain. I get it. But I do want to share with you what truly worked for me in terms of getting my butt to the gym five days a week. To put it simply, it was getting gym clothes that made me feel confident in my body. Once I felt comfortable in my own skin, I was able to feel a little bit more at ease on the big and scary machines and lifting the big and scary weights.

A brand I discovered very early in my fitness journey was Gymshark. Again, this is not sponsored, I promise. I will show you my empty wallet as proof (I often go HAM shopping on their new release days). I didn’t discover them through phony celebrity bios, or a bougie store in the area. I discovered them on YouTube (of all things). Sure, a lot of brands have been discovered through YouTube, but this was different. Let me tell you why.

Gymshark sponsors real fitness people with real values. I was one day looking up inspiring workout videos and stumbled across a channel called Raw Alignment. It was a young, relatable girl, about my age. She was hiking the Appalachian trail; a very admirable challenge. In one of her hiking blogs, she was wearing the most amazing looking pair of blue leggings. I was infinitely curious as to where they were from. Fast forward to a few months later, I’m looking at more workout inspiration videos, and I become incredibly moved by one girl’s fitness story. Whitney Simmons was an athlete her entire life, and in college had to abruptly stop because she didn’t make the team. Boy, can I relate. I have been an athlete since 3rd grade, with my main focus being volleyball up until senior year of high school in 2012. When college came around, I simply could not deal with the politics of it all. I gave up my “career” as an athlete, and was lost. So when I saw Whitney’s videos, I completely connected with her core message and shortly after discovered she had the most flattering workout wardrobe in the world.

If you can predict what I’m getting at, it turns out both of these amazing girls wearing the most amazing fitness clothing were wearing Gymshark. This, my friends, is how I fell in love with the brand. I realized they were very different from popular fitness brands such as Lululemon, who recently in the last couple of years were outed as discriminatory towards larger sizes. Gymshark, in the meantime, backed incredible people and didn’t charge upwards of $150 for a pair of crappy-quality leggings. In fact, the brand itself was started by a 20-something-year-old named Ben Francis, a young entrepreneur who literally Snapchats from the warehouse all the time thanking his customers. The prices are fair, and they make wearers feel extremely confident in the gym.

This leads me to my main point; buying amazing gym clothes has helped me tremendously in my fitness journey. I don’t know what it is, and I certainly keep second-guessing myself as to whether I’m a materialist consumer or not, but it’s true. So, what are my fav’s from them? Again, this is completely unbiased and is just my opinion. Nonetheless, here are my favorite gym clothes:

Gymshark Seamless Crop Tops – $40 I have almost every color of these. They are extremely flattering and despite being long sleeved, they’re not too hot.

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Gymshark Seamless Leggings – $50 Sadly, I also have these in every color. I must warn you, though, if you have long nails, don’t hike these up without being extremely careful. I’ve already ripped my red pair. Regardless, I absolutely love how high rise these are, and the contours in the front and back are stunning. I know they are also coming out with new colors very soon.

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Gymshark Fit Leggings – $36 ONLY $36. HOLY MOLY. These babies are absolutely phenomenal, and the material is 100% on par to Lululemons. I have the grey/pink style and they are wonderful. Note they are definitely lower rise than most Gymshark leggings.

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The point of me gushing over cute gym clothes and the girls that represent this brand is that it’s motivating. Every time I don’t feel like going to the gym, I can watch inspiring YouTube videos, step into a gym outfit I feel great in, and be on my way. By the time I get into my gym clothes, any fatigue or doubts I’ve had vanish. Overall, I give Gymshark an A+ for not only being a fashion brand but a healthy lifestyle brand.