The Wine Country Fires were a whirlwind. What was not covered enough, I believe, was Sonoma Valley’s struggles and damages that they faced. Glen Ellen, especially, went through hell. It holds some of the most beautiful scenery I have seen out here in the wine country, including Lake Suttofield, which we initially discovered on a whim while driving to our favorite Indian restaurant (shout out to Yeti, your garlic basil naan is next level).

Going to Suttonfield after the fires and discovering it had been torched was surreal. Its’ once beautiful green foliage had been charred black, the once blue lake was muddled with ashes and debris, and there was an eerie sense of calmness in the air. In a time where usually the hiking trails were hustling and bustling, not a soul had stepped on that land in quite some time that day.

My hope is that this video and photography set I took on that day brings awareness and hope. By hope, I mean that I hope you can see the beauty still lying within this property, and that it will regrow even stronger, just as the rest of Sonoma and Napa County will. I also made sure to leave a donation link at the end of the video, which I felt was the least I could do in a post like this.